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Can You Refuse A Field Sobriety Test In New York?

A DWI is an offense that is prosecuted aggressively in New York. One of the most controversial yet important laws is the implied consent law. Under New York’s implied consent law, any motorist with a valid driving license automatically consents to take a chemical test to determine their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) when requested to… Read more »

What Happens if you Violate Probation in New York State?

Probation allows you to continue living a productive life while serving your sentence. According to the State and Federal constitutions, New York judges may offer two categories of probation: interim and sentence probations. Interim probation is awarded to suspects before their verdicts are read out. However, most probations are often given after the defendant has… Read more »

Can I Get My License Back After a DWI? (in NY)

Driving under the influence (DUI) is one of the leading causes of road accident fatalities in the United States. The misdemeanor carries hefty penalties, including suspension of your driver’s license. Of course, your license can also be suspended if you commit other road traffic rules violations, but they often carry less suspension time compared to DUI.   … Read more »

How Much Does a DUI/DWI Cost in Legal Fees?

New York’s judicial system is very tough on DUI and DWI offenses because of the potential dangers involved, especially injurious or fatal car accidents. Besides jail time, probation, and license suspension, other consequences of a DUI include fines and other financial penalties. Hiring a good DUI lawyer also comes at a cost.     What is… Read more »

The Importance of Estate Planning

When the term “estate planning” comes to mind, we think of mansions, maybe some antiques, or any possession that can cost an arm and a leg, but estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. Whether young or old, rich or not, every person can benefit from estate planning. That’s assuming you have assets you can… Read more »

Practical Steps to Take After a DUI/DWI

If you have been arrested for DWI OR DUI, the experience can be frightening and overwhelming, especially if it is your first arrest. The occurrence can bring confusion on what steps you should take to get out of the situation or make the process easier. Some of the stressing issues could be how you can… Read more »