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Who needs a power of attorney?

Many people think they do not need a Power of Attorney unless they are incapacitated and need someone else to act on their behalf. Unfortunately, if you are incapacitated, it is too late to make a Power of Attorney designation. The time to complete a Power of Attorney designation is before you need it.

The Law Offices of Norman Mattar is a law firm that creates a Power of Attorney and other important Estate Planning documents for people throughout the Buffalo area and Western New York. Even if you are young and have no significant assets, it is still important to name a person who can speak for you if you are unable to speak for yourself.

What is power of attorney?

Most people go through a period of incapacity before they die. An auto accident, stroke or other catastrophic event can happen to any person at any time. If you are unable to speak or communicate, who will make decisions for you?

You may assume that a spouse, sibling or parent could make decisions for you, but that is not the case. Without a Power of Attorney, your family members would have to go through the cost and expense of a Guardianship Proceeding in order to name a Guardian who could act for you.

A Power of Attorney does not go into effect until and unless you are incapacitated. Even if you never need it, it’s nice to know that a trusted person is ready to step into your shoes and make decisions for you.

In addition to a Power of Attorney, everyone should have a Living Will and Health Care Proxy regardless of his or her age or assets.

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