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If you get into an accident in New York while over the .08 Blood Alcohol Limit, you could face additional charges that carry serious penalties upon conviction. For example, if another person suffers a personal injury (even a passenger in your own vehicle), you could be charged with Vehicular Assault — a Felony Crime. Aggravating factors such as high blood alcohol content or prior DWI convictions could result in a First-Degree Vehicular Assault charge, a Class D Felony.

Prosecutors do not play games in such cases. Without strong and effective legal representation, you could face very serious consequences, including the real possibility of jail time.

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Buffalo DWI lawyer Norman Mattar has been defending people accused of DWI for more than 25 years. Aggressive and determined, Mr. Mattar works tenaciously to protect the rights and preserve the freedom of people accused of Felony DWI, Vehicular Assault and other serious crimes. Norman Mattar will fight for your rights and freedom every step of the way.

A comprehensive DWI defense effort

In defending you, Norman Mattar will thoroughly review the factual and legal issues in your case. In addition to considering the most common DWI defenses (such as inadmissible breath or blood tests), Mr. Mattar will carefully examine the nature of the charge against you. For a person to be charged with Vehicular Assault in New York, the accident victim must have suffered a “serious physical injury.” Prosecutors in New York frequently overcharge Vehicular Assault cases, and it may be possible to get the charge reduced if the nature of the injuries does not correspond with the definition of the crime.

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Sometimes good people make mistakes®. If you’ve been in a car accident after drinking, call now to set up a consultation. Norman Mattar is ready to defend your rights and freedom. Call 716-633-4300 to discuss your case with an experienced and committed Buffalo DWI Accident Lawyer.