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The age of consent NY is 17 years old. Before a minor attains the age of 17, they are legally unable to consent to any sexual relations. In most cases, these sexual accusations are made by the minor’s parents and guardians, although the state can also pursue the matter, even if the parents don’t do so. Even if the minor consented to the sexual act, charges could still be pressed against the perpetrator because the law views the minor as not having the capacity to decide on such an issue. 


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What are the categories of Statutory Rape Charges? 

If someone aged 21 years or more has a sexual relationship with someone less than 17 years, they may be accused of rape in the third degree under New York Penal Law 130.25. According to the law, the crime is considered a class E felony offense, and the consequences are up to 4 years imprisonment. 


If the suspected perpetrator is more than 18 years of age and the victim below 15 years, the charges can be upgraded to second-degree rape, a class D felony that can result in up to seven years imprisonment. 


Rape in the first degree includes the following; 


  • Sexual intercourse with someone of fewer than 11 years 
  • Sexual intercourse with someone of fewer than 13 years and the perpetrator over 18 years 

According to the New York Penal Law section 130.35, the offense is a class B felony that can attract a penalty of up to 25 years imprisonment. 


How are the penalties decided? 

In New York State, statutory rape crimes are not taken lightly. The crimes are categorized differently depending on their severity, the details provided, and the situation. However, none of the crimes is ignored. If you have sexual intercourse with someone under 17 years when you are over 21, the offense is third-degree rape, punishable by four years imprisonment. 


A second-degree rape will occur if you have sexual relations with someone below 15 years when you are over 18. The consequences are up to 7 years imprisonment. First-degree rape is determined if you have sexual intercourse with someone under 11 years and when you are over 18 years, and you have sex with someone below 13 years. The crime attracts a punishment of 5 to 25 years in prison. 


What are the effects of a statutory rape conviction? 

The penalties can be severe if you are convicted of statutory rape crimes. The incarceration period can be short or take decades, depending on your specific case. Those condemned with statutory rape crimes face a compulsory inclusion on New York’s sex offender registry. Unfortunately, additional consequences of statutory rape convictions can be more crippling than the formal sentence you will receive. Some implications of the statutory rape laws New York include permanent damage to community standing, job loss, loss of professional licenses, and familial discord. 


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