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There is great peace of mind when you know who will possess your property when you die and who will ensure your wish is executed to the letter. Wills and estates can cause many legal issues and misunderstandings when the original owner does not specify the heirs. Sometimes property ends up in the wrong hands, and other times do not help anyone because there is no legal document indicating the inheritors. 

Drafting wills can be simple, but ensuring they are drafted correctly and enforceable by law is vital. The document carries your wishes concerning your estates and other assets and the guardianship of your heirs. 

Even when you think your will is simple and you have all details figured out, it is still possible to make errors that can highly impact the will and its execution. Engaging estate and probate attorneys will help with advance directives and help you take charge of your life decisions. A qualified and experienced lawyer will ensure that all the formalities essential in drafting wills are executed correctly. 


How does a will help? 

A will is also referred to as a testament or a last will. It is a document that describes how your estates, property, and assets will be dealt with when you finally die. The will is the most common legal document used in different states for estate planning and to provide what you wish to do with your property once you die. Addressing estate planning is not easy. Thinking and talking to your loved ones about what you want to be done when you die is an overwhelming matter. You will need estate will attorneys to help you through the sensitive issue. At Norman Mattar, we will provide options and legal directions on wills and how you can handle your estates. 


Why Are Wills Important? 

Regardless of the property and real estate you have put together during your lifetime, you are solely responsible for deciding what you want to do with it and how you want it divided once you pass on. If you die before writing a will, your property and assets will be distributed at the probate court’s discretion under the stipulated probate laws. The court will also decide on the distribution of the community property. 

Without a will, your assets and estates will end up with anyone the court deems appropriate. Your spouse or children may sell your home if the court distributes half of your community property to other heirs outside your nuclear family. Therefore, having a legal, updated will is critical. It preserves your asset-transfer plan, wealth preservation, and overall estate planning. 

With a will you can protect your children and manage their assets until they are 25 if you and your spouse die. 

Why Do You Need a Wills And Estates Attorney? 

Estate planning is a sensitive process of foreseeing your death and arranging for the allocation and management of your real estate when you are still living. A probate attorney can apply the law to ascertain how your property will be handled during your lifetime and how to distribute them after you die. At Norman Mattar, we can also adjust your estate plan to minimize taxes, eliminate any court interferences and costs and make your will legally binding. Contact us today for assistance. 

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