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In many cases, Western New York courts will authorize probation in lieu of jail time. Typically, probation is granted for less serious infractions, when a defendant doesn’t seem likely to commit more crimes. While probation allows individuals to keep living their lives, judges can place limits on your behavior in a broad range of areas. 

If you’ve been caught violating the terms of your probation, it’s important that you track down an experienced attorney to best serve your needs. With the right representation on your side, the odds of avoiding jail time will vastly improve. While we can’t promise a positive ruling, the Law Firm of Norman Mattar will place you in a position to receive the finest courtroom results. 

Common probation violations in New York  

Before you are sentenced, your attorney will work with a prosecutor on terms and conditions for probation. You will also have to sign probation terms of agreement before it is included in your sentence and presented before a judge.   

The terms and conditions for probation in New York vary depending on your case. However, a common characteristic is that you will be assigned a probation officer to monitor you. You will have to report to this officer regularly as they keep track of your record, including behavior, drug tests, and even job status. They are required by law to report any mishaps on your side, which could see you lose your probation privileges. 

Here are common ways in which you may violate your probation in New York:  

  • Neglecting court orders, including not reporting to your probation officer  
  • Owning narcotics  
  • Committing other crimes than the one convicted  
  • Skipping fine payment routines  
  • Failing drug tests  
  • Going out of the local state without notifying your probation officer  
  • Other actions that are contrary to the terms of your agreement may also lead to a violation of your probation. 

What next after violating probation in New York?  

Once you have been prosecuted for violating the terms of probation, you have a chance to either deny or accept the charges laid against you. If you admit it to the authorities and display regret, the judge may resentence your probation if the charges were not serious. However, New York judges take probation violation charges seriously, and your probation privileges may be fully withdrawn.  

If that is the case, you may wish to deny the charges. In this case, you also have to seek the services of a qualified criminal defense attorney to represent you in court. The prosecution must only prove that the ‘preponderance of the evidence presented to the court is only 50% true, which will earn you a jail term. A criminal defense attorney can help you traverse the murky waters of the American judicial system and keep you out of jail if possible.  

Why you need a probation lawyer  

Your probation lawyer can help you negotiate the terms of your probation. If you should violate your probation, your probation lawyer will represent you in court to get you the best possible outcome for your criminal defense case. When you violate your probation, it usually means that you are going to jail. With a probation lawyer by your side in court, you can be assured that he or she will fight to get you the least amount of jail time. If you are having problems with the probation department, your probation lawyer will serve as your advocate.  

With the assistance of Norman Mattar, you’ll be able to properly present your case in a court of law. Our defense attorneys will express your innocence and plead your case, incorporating the following information: 

  • You did not intentionally violate the terms of your probation 
  • You continue to warrant a role in the community 
  • You are not likely to reoffend 
  • You can be trusted to continue your rehabilitation and restitution as a probationer 

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