Internet Solicitation of a Minor

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Arrests for Online Solicitation of Minors are usually the result of a sting operation, in which undercover officers pose as minors on Craigslist, in chat rooms or on social media sites.

If you have been accused of Online Solicitation of a Minor, your life as you know it is at stake. Instead, call an experienced Defense Lawyer as soon as possible. The consequences of charges of Sex Crimes against children can be extremely serious in New York, including jail time and Lifelong Registration as a Sex Offender.

How can you defend against a charge of internet solicitation of a minor?

Sex sting operations cast a wide net, and they often end up catching people who have never been in trouble with the law before. In many cases, the undercover officers entrap people who did not intend to commit a crime.

Entrapment may be a defense in your case. In New York, the entrapment defense may apply if you are induced or encouraged by a police officer (or someone acting in cooperation with law enforcement) to commit a crime you were not otherwise disposed to commit.

Other defenses may be available, but it is important not to say anything to police until your attorney has reviewed the state’s evidence. You may rule out certain defenses that would otherwise be available to you.

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