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estate planning

Estate planning is essentially the arrangement of how your estate will be distributed after you pass. Everyone has an estate. This estate is comprised of items belonging to you (i.e. your house, car, savings, personal items, etc), and it is important to designate a receiver of those items. Though it is often a difficult process to wrap one’s head around, pre-arranging how your estate will be controlled after you pass is highly recommended for everyone, even at a young age. This process is especially important if you have children and grandchildren, or if you are a business owner.

Your estate plan can and should be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure maximum accuracy. No matter if your assets are modest or not, it is vital that you give thought to where they will end up. From all of this, you can gain peace of mind that you are properly prepared for the worst, and that your family is also protected in the unfortunate event of death. Norman Mattar’s professional attorney team has the credentials and the compassion it takes to assist in all aspects of estate planning. Contact us today if you or a loved one are thinking about beginning the process or updating your current estate plan.

We Handle Estates After Death

When a person dies, it is very emotional for the family.  We handle Estates whether there is a Will or no Will.  We will meet with the executor or personal representative on a monthly basis.  We will keep the rest of the family fully informed.  We will help with every loose detail including selling homes, transferring vehicle, etc.

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