Quit Claim Deed

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Have you ever heard of a quit claim deed?  

It’s an important concept for homeowners and prospective buyers in New York.  

Quit claim deeds transfer ownership of real estate.  

In this blog, we’ll break down the basics of quit claim deeds under New York law and explain how Norman Mattar helps clients quickly record such documents. 

How is a quit claim deed different? 

Unlike a warranty deed, a quit claim deed makes no promises about the condition of the property or whether the grantor has clear title. Rather, a quit claim deed essentially states, “I’m not making any promises, but whatever interest I have in this property I’m giving to you.”  

Quit claim deeds are often used for less-formal transfers of ownership, such as those between family members or when the property has an unclear or clouded title. 

When might you need a quit claim deed? 

Here are some situations in which such a legal document might be useful: 

  • Property transfer between family members 

For example: A parent transfers ownership to a child. 

  • Divorce 

For example: A spouse relinquishes interest in a property. 

  • Clarification of title issues 

For example: One co-owner of a property transfers interest to the others. 

  • Addition or removal of a co-owner 

For example: A co-owner adds or removes someone from the title of a property. 

  • Gifts or donations 

For example: Someone gives away or donates property. 

  • Ownership transfer to a trust 

For example: Someone transfers property ownership to a trust. 

  • Resolution of boundary disputes 

For example: Parties transfer ownership of disputed land. 

  • Removal of a lien or other encumbrance 

For example: A property owner removes a lien or other encumbrance. 

  • Change in the form of ownership 

For example: Someone changes ownership of a property from joint tenancy to tenancy in common. 

  • Correction of errors in the title 

For example: a property owner corrects errors in the title. 

Why hire Norman Mattar for your quit claim deed?  

If you’re in need of a quit claim deed in New York, Buffalo estate-planning attorney Norman Mattar can help.  

With years of experience in real estate law, Norman Mattar can ensure your quit claim deed is drafted correctly and recorded quickly, allowing you to rest assured that your real estate transaction will go smoothly. 

Get your deed recorded quickly with Norman Mattar 

Don’t let legal issues hold up your real estate transactions.  

Whether you’re transferring property between family members or resolving a title dispute, a quit claim deed might be the solution you need.  

To learn more about how Norman Mattar can help, contact us online or give us a call today, at (716) 633-4300. We’re here to help you navigate the complex world of real estate law and ensure that your transactions are handled with care and precision.