Living Wills & Health Care Proxies

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What are living wills & health care proxies?

In addition to a Will, every person should have a Living Will and a Health Care Proxy. These documents can enable medical providers to provide the health care services you wish to receive, prevent family strife and give you peace of mind.

Living Will

– This document informs your Proxy of your wishes regarding the level of care and services you wish to receive when there is no chance of recovery.

Health Care Proxy

– This document appoints someone who can make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

We provide attentive personal service, attuned to your needs

The Law Offices of Norman Mattar is a law firm that creates these and other important Estate Planning documents for people throughout the Western New York area. When you come to our offices to discuss your needs, we will listen closely to your concerns, explain the uses of these instruments, and draft documents in accordance with your values and wishes.

Before creating these documents, Attorney Norman Mattar will learn about your values, your family and other factors. He can help you choose a family member who can be entrusted with your Health Care Proxy and who can make sound decisions about your health care needs if you become disabled or cannot make conscious decisions on your own.

In addition to a Living Will and Health Care Proxy, our firm can also draft other important estate documents such as a Will or Power of Attorney.

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