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A conviction for embezzlement is not something that you would want to put on your resume. Unfortunately, that in effect is what you will do if you plead guilty to the charges. Employers routinely conduct background checks of prospective employees. 

When your future is at stake, it is important to put your case in the hands of an experienced Defense Lawyer as soon as possible. For more than 25 years, criminal defense attorney Norman Mattar has defended people accused of serious criminal offenses such as embezzlement in Buffalo and Western New York. He offers a free initial consultation to discuss your case. 

What is embezzlement and larceny? 

Embezzlement usually involves the unauthorized use of a company credit card or taking funds from an employer’s bank account, cash register or safe. Embezzlement occurs when property or an item is taken from someone who was entrusted to hold it on behalf of the owner. The actual criminal charge is Grand Larceny, which in New York is theft of property valued at $1,000 or more. However, if someone embezzles money or property valued at more than $1 million, then it is a first-degree grand larceny offense and a Class B felony. 

New York uses the term larceny to describe theft. When it comes to larceny, New York State defines “property” as “any money, personal property, real property, computer data, computer program, thing in action, evidence of debt or contract, or any article, substance or thing of value, including any gas, steam, water or electricity, which is provided for a charge or compensation.” 

There are many different components when handling an embezzlement or larceny matter, so it’s important to contact an embezzlement lawyer as soon as possible.   

Penalty for embezzlement in New York State 

The potential punishment for Grand Larceny depends on the amount taken. Since the crime of embezzlement can involve large sums of money taken over a period of time, the potential punishment can be severe.  

There are four degrees of grand larceny under New York law, including: 

  1. First Degree: Applies when the property involved exceeds $1 million. This is a Class B felony and could mean up to 25 years in prison. 
  1. Second Degree: Applies when the property involved is valued at over $50,000 but less than $1,000,000. This is a Class C felony and could mean up to 15 years in prison. 
  1. Third Degree: Applies when the property involved is valued between $3,000 and $50,000. This is a Class D felony and could mean up to seven years in prison. 
  1. Fourth Degree: Applies when the property involved is valued between $1,000 and $3,000. This is a Class E felony and could mean up to four years in prison. 

An embezzlement lawyer can help those facing embezzlement charges. Whether it is embezzlement or larceny, the punishment for the crime is going to depend on the value of the property. 

What are defenses against an embezzlement charge in New York? 

Potential defenses to embezzlement charges include the following: 

  • You did not take the money 
  • You had permission or authority to take the money 

Attorney Norman Mattar will build the strongest possible defense based on the facts of your case. Even if the state has a strong case, it may be possible to negotiate a favorable resolution. In some cases, employers are only interested in getting their money back and would be willing to drop the charges if you provide restitution. 

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