Practical Steps to Take After a DUI/DWI

If you have been arrested for DWI OR DUI, the experience can be frightening and overwhelming, especially if it is your first arrest. The occurrence can bring confusion on what steps you should take to get out of the situation or make the process easier. Some of the stressing issues could be how you can ensure you get a successful defense, whether you will inevitably lose your driver’s license, and the amount of time the case is likely to take. 


Unfortunately, if you are found driving while drunk, the amount of alcohol you took is disregarded, and you will be arrested. In New York, if you get in an accident above the .08 Blood Alcohol Limit, you will automatically be stopped. The case may have more than one charge because you were driving while drunk and you caused an accident, leading to severe consequences once convicted. 


You will be charged for the accident and injuries you have caused by driving under the influence. If any other person undergoes a personal injury from the accident, even if it is your passenger, which could lead to Vehicular Assault charges, which is a Felony Crime. Some other factors, such as high blood alcohol content or previous DWI convictions, may worsen the situation and lead to a Class D Felony or a First-Degree Vehicular Assault charge. 


If you are convicted of DUI or DWI, you must be ready for challenging moments in court. It will not be smooth with prosecutors with such a case. You will need an effective and solid legal representation with sufficient expertise and experience. Without adequate legal representation, you could risk a long time in jail or other severe penalties. 


So, what happens after a DUI arrest? 

There is no need to stress over what to do after a DUI in New York. Norman Mattar is a Buffalo DWI lawyer with over 25 years of experience defending people convicted of DWI. Mr. Mattar is determined and aggressive regarding DUI legal representation and will always work unweariedly to protect your rights and freedoms regarding Vehicular Assault, Felony DWI, and other crimes. Mr. Mattar will walk with you in every step until you are successful with your case. 


How will Norman Mattar defend you in your DWI/DUI case? 

After trusting Norman Mattar in defending your DWI case, rest assured that he will be keen on reviewing all the legal and factual issues within your case. Besides considering the typical DWI offenses, including blood tests and admissible breath, Mr. Mattar will also scrutinize the nature of the charge against you. For anyone to be charged with Vehicular Assault in New York there must be enough evidence of severe physical injury suffered by the accident victim. 


Norman Mattar will cover you if you are in New York and wondering what to do after a DUI. Indeed, prosecutors in New York tend to overcharge cases related to Vehicular Assault. Still, if you have an adequate representation, you may get the charge reduced if the nature of the injuries deviates from the definition of the crime. 


Even if you have several years of driving experience, you can still make mistakes on the road. Accidents occur anywhere and anytime, and accidents have no right time to appear. However, you no longer need to feel overwhelmed if you are arrested for DUI. All you need to do is call Norman Mattar and schedule a consultation. Norman Mattar is skilled and experienced and is ready to defend your case and restore your rights and freedoms. You can conveniently get in touch with him through his website or phone, and he will attend to your issue beyond your expectations.