Power Of Attorney Vs. Living Will

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As an estate planning attorney in Buffalo, NY, I have seen many clients who are confused about the differences between a power of attorney and a living will.   Both are important legal documents that can help ensure your wishes are respected if you’re incapacitated or you die.   In this blog, we’ll explore the key differences… Read more »

Why Should I Hire an Estate Planning Attorney?

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If you’ve put off estate planning, you’re not alone. Life gets busy, and other matters grab our attention. You mean to contact an attorney to get your affairs in order, but you keep putting it off.   Or perhaps you wonder, “Do you need an attorney for estate planning if you don’t have many assets?” Wills… Read more »

The Importance of Estate Planning

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When the term “estate planning” comes to mind, we think of mansions, maybe some antiques, or any possession that can cost an arm and a leg, but estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. Whether young or old, rich or not, every person can benefit from estate planning. That’s assuming you have assets you can… Read more »