Expungement And Sealing of Criminal Records In New York: Your Path to A Fresh Start

Expunge of criminal record. Expungement written on a document.

Are you struggling to find employment or housing due to a criminal record? New York state laws provide options for individuals looking for a fresh start. Expungement and sealing of criminal records may be available to those who qualify.   In this blog, we will explore the process of felony expungement in New York, how to… Read more »

The Importance Of A Criminal Defense Attorney: How We Can Make A Difference In Your Case

The Bench in the Courtroom in the Wasco County Courthouse

Have you ever wondered what a criminal defense attorney does and why you might need one?  Let’s discuss the importance of criminal defense attorneys, the role they play in the legal system, and how we at the Law Offices of Norman Mattar can make a difference in your case.  What is a criminal defense attorney?  … Read more »