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If you are a Convicted Felon, the penalties for Possession of a Weapon can be very severe. You may be subject to mandatory minimum sentencing laws that would result in a lengthy prison sentence.

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Felony gun possession has serious sentencing consequences

As a Convicted Felon, you cannot legally possess a gun in New York. You can be charged with Possession of a Firearm even if the gun was not in your actual possession. For example, you could be charged with having “Constructive Possession” of the weapon if it was in your car or your home.

Possession of a Firearm by a Felon may be subject to a mandatory minimum prison sentence. For example, under a Federal Law known as the Armed Career Criminal Act, you could be subject to a minimum prison sentence of 15 years if you Possess a Firearm and have three prior criminal convictions.

What are the defenses for felony gun possession?

Defenses in your case may revolve around how police came into contact with you and seized the weapon. You have Constitutional Rights, and if the police violated those rights, the evidence may be suppressed and the charges dismissed.

If the state has a marginal case, the prosecutor may be willing to negotiate a favorable plea bargain. For example, if the weapon was found in your car and several passengers had access to it, it may be difficult for the police to prove that you had Constructive Possession. Rather than prosecute a weak case, the state may reduce or dismiss the charges.

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